Glia JS SDK Documentation


Glia can be installed with a single script tag:

<script async src="https://api.glia.com/salemove_integration.js"></script>

Glia makes sure that including the script anywhere in the DOM (in <head> or at the beginning or end of <body>) has minimal effect on your site's load time.

Based on the site from which the integration script is requested, Glia will change the script's contents. This means that if Glia doesn't have your site registered, the script will resolve to the following:

{response: "The Glia script has been installed correctly on this page.  Please contact your success manager for next steps."}

Conversely, if your site is properly registered on Glia, then after loading the script, you will immediately be able to start using the JS SDK. See the Examples section in the Salemove class for information about getting started with using the JS SDK.