# constant getSiteId

Returns visitor's current site ID. Currently there is no way that the visitor's site ID can change. It is however likely that visitor's site changing will happen in the future.

# constant getVisitorId

Returns the current visitor ID. The visitor ID does not usually change and it is okay to use this function in short-lived operations. The only current way that the visitor ID can change is during visitor consolidation. See visitor_consolidation.js for more information.

# constant getVisitorIdObservable

Returns an observable of visitor IDs. The observable is guaranteed to emit one element immediately and will emit further values whenever visitor ID changes.

# constant setNewVisitorId

Sets a new visitor ID. All subscribers using `getVisitorIdObservable` will receive the new visitor ID value.


Delay is necessary as routing_observable does not provide value on initial load (when tab is lacking routing information). In that case queue state will initially be cannot_queue and later with business rule triggering, it will get a real value. Problem is that that business rule might be misconfigured or missing, so we can't depend on them. 10 sec should be enough for the app to get latest info through business rule.